By Jane Catherine Rozek

I have been in and out of love many times in my life. Come on, so have you if you’re over 30, even if you’ve been married for 40 years to the same person! Love comes on so strong, but then it takes a lot of effort to keep that kite flying in the winds of change…

But if you can put your kite high enough in the sky, there is powerful serenity, and it will connect you to the heavens themselves.

Why are relationships fraught with so many problems? They are demanding, confusing, exhausting, and sometimes so much misery comes with the package, we decide it isn’t worth our energies. Love hurts. Yet, everyone still wants to be loved.

I think the purpose of “falling in love” is to throw us into that state without the chance to consider the consequences! Because when we fall in love it’s only the spectacular first fireworks, but we still don’t actually know how…how to love.

That takes a balancing act between what each partner wants to receive and what they are willing to give (or give up). Maybe the purpose for problems in a relationship is for developing our ability to love. Committed relationships are not supposed to be easy. They are not supposed to be perfect; they are supposed to be wonderful. Through the ups-and-downs of our issues, we’re able to develop pure joy in acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, and patience. Joy in receiving those things and finally – joy when we become skilled at giving them to others. Not many of us are very good at loving. So wasn’t it thoughtful to be given a whole lifetime to figure this out?

What is our life for anyway? From a celestial viewpoint, the very purpose to life is perhaps, to have enough time to learn how to love other human beings. Love is so sweet when you have it, both incoming and outgoing. So, let’s hit the reset button, let’s forgive others (and ourselves), and carry on. To be loved and to have the capacity to unconditionally love another, that is what the gods are made of.

So, what’s sex? Some of you had to ask! Sex is the incentive to make you stick to your lessons. Sex is easy but it doesn’t satisfy the hunger of the heart to be loved, and only in a committed relationship does it teach you anything at all about love.

Last question: Why are dogs known as man’s best friend? They instinctively know how to love us and be loved! They make it look so easy…and it’s why they don’t have to live as long as we do!



We should take note that there is nothing fake about real love because it “rejoices with the truth.” Real love is not some soft sappy thing! We are told that love never fails, so it must be a terribly strong force.” 
(Excerpt from Jane’s book THE CELESTIAL PROPOSAL, page168, Chapter 9, The Substance of Loving.)