Sometimes life gets messy and we don’t know what to do next. We’re between a rock and a hard place and we get stuck, scared to climb higher and afraid to go back….

On the horizon is the promised land we want to be in but we can’t seem to make any decisions about how to get there.

Other times we’re confronted by a person of authority, influenced by our friends, and tempted by our wants. How can we be confident in making our own decisions if we’re swayed   by whoever has the loudest voice? How can we have firm convictions about anything if we don’t know what we stand for? It is like the age-old saying first attributed to Peter Marshall way back in 1947.

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

Defining our values gives us a full understanding of just who we are. Here are four questions to ask your self:

 By what values do you live your life? = This is your philosophy

Values on Mt

Values to Live By (www.synthes.com)

You can determine your  values with a little fun self-analysis. Look back and remember the happiest times in your life, the actions you took that made you feel proud, and on occasions when you felt truly satisfied with life. These are your clues to what you value.

The reason why these experiences gave your life such positive meaning is because you were living what you believed in. Your belief system was in alignment with your lifestyle!

What makes you angry? = These are your convictions

Values Determine Results

Values Determine Results (coachwithheart.wordpress.com)

When you get upset, it’s because something has happened that goes against what you believe in. Some kind of unjust treatment has occurred that causes you to take offence and your anger to build up. Whatever you think is unjust, that’s what makes up the convictions you stand for. Once you know what your belief system is,  it gets a lot easier to make decisions. Our beliefs effect everything.

What are you struggling with right now? = These are your goals


Personal weight issues, trying to get a raise at work, hours of practice on your guitar, spending more time with the family; recycling to make the world a better place; all these efforts determine your true goals in life. What ever you’re unsatisfied with could be a goal – you might not have even recognized. If you spend lots of time and energy on it, it’s because there’s a goal in your mind you’d like to achieve. I hope you dare to believe in the possibility of achieving it!

What makes you excited? = This is your passion

Sean and I with feather

Do you remember all the past times you got excited about something that happened? Ok, sports might get you excited, but try to remember even the little things that happened in your life that got you geared up. By recognizing the things we are passionate about, we can direct our lifestyle in that direction because, after all,  passion is the zest of life.

When we know ourselves, we’re able to take control of where our life is going. When we know what our values are, then decisions are easier to make!


“I am convinced that creating positive events in our lives is a skill the Great Ones desire us to learn. Our lives are set up so our belief systems will engage with our environment, and the results will be in direct correlation with exactly what is being projected from our minds.”

(The Celestial Proposal: Our Invitation to Join the God Kind, November 25, 2013, Chapter 14: Developing Spiritual Maturity, page 173.)