A friend posted this one from Jason Smith on Facebook this morning:

What does this guy have that most of us don’t?

He’s not privileged, he’s not wealthy, and he doesn’t even do great things. Why then does this video clip melt our hearts?

It’s because this man responds from a different operating system than what is expected. Oh, it’s not that it’s been filmed in Thailand, for it could have been filmed in any part of the world. This person is in alignment with ancient principles of karma. His simple actions come from an alliance with the Golden Rule. He’s got an inner connection to something far greater than himself and the results of his actions almost seems magical. What is he plugged into?

Let’s call it a connection to Spirit. You know, that invisible source of higher intelligence that draws us onward to become better human beings? I think the Source is real. Like a pulsating frequency, it just waits for us to desire some moral GPS directions and then to tune into it!

To quote from the book, The Celestial Proposal, Chapter 13, “Welcome to the Kingdom,” page 195:

What if celestial Spirit is a supernatural software program by which we can access spiritual properties? What if we authorize its download when we request Spirit to be installed in our minds? We already have built-in connection ports because we have been created in the likeness of the Great Ones!

However, there is a requirement: we must defragment our hard drives to free up space for the installation of this new software for human beings. Downloading this updated, powerful version can override the current operating system by interfacing directly with a celestial network. To initiate the program, we need only to agree to the conditions in fine print, and then click “Yes, I accept”!

The best part of this new operating system is the expansion of our minds to run with even more megabytes of boundless power, allowing us to download infinite wisdom from the celestial grid. Downloading installs the components of love and compassion for others and becomes the basis for every relationship.

Spinoff effects of human joy and happiness are the result.


Chapter 12/The Celestial Proposal: Our Invitation to Join the God Kind