Side hill with viewOne early morning, I was out walking and trying to get some answers to the troubles that seemed to overwhelm me at the time. I reached the summit the hill and the view was quite pleasant, the morning breeze fresh against my face…

But although I sent out questions to my higher power of Spirit, no answers came to me and I started back feeling lonely.

Halfway down the hillside, I came across a large red rock, maybe 6 inches by 5, sitting there like it was waiting for me. The amazing thing was its perfectly chiseled shape of a heart! I picked it up and marveled at nature’s handiwork. Then a strong clear thought resonated in my mind. It said very clearly, “Lose the heart of stone.”
First red heart 2This was my answer! The meaning was the solution to my personal dilemma. It doesn’t have to be explained here. I know the presence of God. I trust that power and incoming wisdom and I was so thankful. But what was I supposed to do with the physical heavy rock in my hands? I set it down and looked at it again with longing. It was so unique and such a beautiful, physical sign of God’s presence interacting within my private thoughts. A celestial message had been communicated to me giving direction by a real and touchable odd stone.

I still have this heart rock, having carted it home with me that day. This first event started a chain reaction in developing a strong mindset of expectation. In fact, I now have around 48 such heart rocks. I find them in the middle of pathways almost every time I walk anywhere – fat little hearts, pure white ones, smooth weathered hearts, and rough multicolored, all with a near perfect shape of a heart. To me it’s a delightful and humorous proof of God’s presence in my life.

jane-w-heart-rock.jpg One time while hiking on a local trail, I saw a smooth and solid 4-inch heart stone sitting on a rough jagged rock in the middle of a stream. I had to wade in to get it. Then on the Oregon beach, I ran across a heart of stone with a dark indentation down the centre making it my “broken heart.” I have my own purple heart, a heart with hearts, my greenstone heart.   Biggest heart

But my largest stone, almost a foot in height, was found on the family’s mining claims in central BC where we used to own a small cattle ranch. My spouse carried it back to the truck, wanting me to have one to represent years of hard work and my fondness for that forested wilderness. Now it’s on the pathway beside our house.

Would you ever think there were so many heart shaped rocks lying around in plain sight for anybody to find? I never actually hunt for a heart rock but now I just expect to find at least one on every hike. My hiking friends don’t seem to see them. Why? It’s because they don’t expect to see them. They don’t believe in heart rocks! I think this can be applied to life. You get what you want in life, only after you believe it’s possible. It is after this mind set, that you see the steps to take to achieve it. The cutting edge of quantum theory focuses on expectation as the pivotal component of reality making. Here is wisdom:

Manifesting things first requires you to cultivate a belief system of expectation.

But this wisdom is NOT new. Ancient magical instructions for manifesting things are actually embedded in my favourite old black book:

“Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24

From The Celestial Proposal, Chapter 13, “Activating the Law of Faith,” page 261:

“I really encourage you to choose something for which you would like (God’s) help. I dare you to set a personal goal! Find a celestial promise you can believe in, state it aloud, and wait for the results with expectation. Just take that first step! If you expect something to happen, then your very expectation proves you believe in the power of God. Nothing is more supernaturally exciting than to watch God’s invisible, celestial power in action upon your own reality. You can prove to yourself that he exists.”
A Heart of Gold! Here’s an old classic to meditate on: