I spent many years coaching teenagers in life skills. They were in transition from being children to becoming young adults, and their biggest hurdle was accepting accountability for their actions.

Victim Accountability – it’s time to stop being a victim.

Victim Accountability – it’s time to stop being a victim.

Many of them had very desperate childhoods. Learning to become personally responsible for their lives regardless of the past was often a terrific struggle. Invariably they blamed their teachers, their parents, and anyone in authority for the situations they were in. One student stated the epitome of his life philosophy by exclaiming, “But I didn’t ask to be born!” How sad that he couldn’t conceive of life as a gift and saw no purpose in living it….

Often we lose track of the awesome value of the one-time ticket we have been given to play the game of life. If we don’t put value on the game itself or put forth any effort, how can we expect to win anyway? If we don’t take responsibility for our own lives, that certainly makes it easy, but then there’s no point in playing the game. 

In other words if we’re not behind our own steering wheel on the road of life, is it any wonder we don’t enjoy the journey? Who can we blame for that? If we don’t choose the direction in which we’re going, then we are allowing someone else to take over and direct our lives… 

How to Stop Being a Victim of Your Mental Chatter

How to Stop Being a Victim of Your Mental Chatter

In fact blaming others is simply a verbal acknowledgment that we are victims. We create our own victim mentality. Actually, when we feel sorry for ourselves, our thoughts and actions activate the law of faith in an unfavorable direction. We say negative, harmful words of doubt, and these heartfelt words, by the very definition of faith, create the wrong things for us. Pessimistic self-talk can result in very destructive patterns… 

Whenever we feel like victims in our lives, we blame whomever and whatever we can. But really, aren’t we the only ones who have the power to make changes in our lives?

It may come as a surprise, but God is not impressed with our suffering as victims. We do not earn any respect for our discomfort. Think about this: If we have accepted Spirit to live inside of us, would this celestial entity enjoy living with the pain, sorrow, and misery to which we so often subject our physical bodies when it isn’t necessary?

(Excerpts from The Celestial Proposal: Our Invitation to Join the God Kind, Chapter 14, Developing Spiritual Maturity, page 177-178.) (Click to view on Amazon here)

God has promised many times that he will never leave us:

“Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.
 What can mere mortals do to me?”     Hebrews 13:5–6 (NIV)

Don’t buy the lie that you are helpless because you are not alone in this. Don’t ever be a victim; because there is absolutely no power in that belief system. Even if you can’t change your circumstances right away, you CAN change your beliefs. Your thoughts are your own. When you consciously make them positive you’ll see the small steps you CAN take to rise up out of your pit of despair. The momentum will have begun and soon your faith will be what fuels the car you drive down the road. Life can be a grand adventure!