He called it a November love affair. And that’s what it was, for when they met they were both over 70 years old and had already lived long full lives. Fifteen years later on Mom’s 90th birthday, my dear stepfather sang a love song to her. As touching as this was to her, it mentored to us too, showing strong spiritual values of respect and love. I recorded it as he sang and immediately thought to myself, “Wow, even God must be pleased!” Later while reviewing the short clip, I saw Spirit blessing my parents! If there’s such a thing as a holy Spirit, it moves like the wind right? Powerfully, yet invisible. When you watch the trees in the background at the end of the song he sings, you’ll see a metaphysical epiphany honouring the love of this elderly couple. A kind of sacred synchronicity often happens around us, yet we don’t even notice it. How can we wake up our senses to experience these kinds of wonderful epiphanies in our life? Here are three components I came up with: Fotosearch_k5811890 1) Tune in! Just like a radio station you are searching for, you have to adjust your perception to hear the kind of beautiful music that touches your heart. 2) Breath deep, expand, and look up! If we’re so focused on the superficial, mundane things in our life, there’s no time to notice anything special that might be happening. We have to make time to feel the wind, to see the sunset, to hear the birds. 3) Get out of your comfort zone! My Mom married my step-dad when she was 72. Why are we watching virtual reality shows on TV when we can challenge ourselves with goals in real life? Write your own script and direct your own show because there’s a rich producer backing us. When you can believe in a power greater than yourself, all you really have to do is expect that same dynamic spiritual presence to communicate with you. Spirit will find a way that will be uniquely yours….

(Written in tribute May 13/2015: My stepfather passed away yesterday at the age of 94, on the very day of his 17th wedding anniversary, leaving my mother and a large mixed extended family with loving bittersweetness in our hearts. Selah…)