man happinessI’m making a decision to be happy. “What?” You ask. “How can you just decide to be happy? Don’t you have things that bother you? Don’t you want to change things? Aren’t there people in your life that drive you crazy?”

Yes, but I’m deciding to be happy anyway. Frustration just doesn’t benefit me and pity-parties aren’t any fun at all. Besides, I’ve met some real happy people and they sure didn’t have perfect lives. Yet they seemed to radiate joy outward no matter what happens. They stood out from the crowd like shining beacons. I saw laugh lines even in their wrinkles. Their smiles reached upward and twinkled out from their eyes. And the top of their head seemed connected to the universe with a string! That is what I’m going to be like.

What’s amazing is some of these people were living in thatched huts with mostly fish and coconuts to eat. Some had major health concerns threatening them every day. So where did they find this kind of happiness?

So I thought about it, and there were no common denominators of education, wealth, or health. The formula for creating happiness seemed to come from inside their minds or maybe their hearts. “What comes from our minds and hearts?” I thought. “It’s the choices we get to make. From our thoughts and feelings we make choices!”

Choice! No matter what happens, the one thing everybody has in life is choice. Maybe we can’t change our situation very easily. Maybe some things we have to accept. But we CAN change our thoughts – and how we feel about those things. We can always choose how we are going to perceive the events that occur in our daily lives. You know the saying: “Is your glass half empty or half full?”

If I focus on negative aspects, they zoom in bigger and blacker. When I focus on the positives, the negatives fade away. So part of playing my life game well is to find good attributes in whatever occurs. If other people don’t like me, or treat me badly I don’t have to buy into that. That’s “not my monkey, not my circus”, as my girlfriend says. I can’t change how other people are going to think and act. But I can decide how I’m going to react.

So I lift both hands up to the heavens and sync into that kind of power. Because the only one I really want to please is the One above it all. And you know what? Now when I get stressed out about something, there a big reset button in my head. I’m learning just to press it and be happy instead!

🙂  What do you do to keep your smile on?


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Fotosearch_k10149770Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.
 Roman 12:12-13 NIV Bible