crying soldierMy heart goes out to all of you who cry alone. I have been fearful too in this last year. But I have faith that great things will occur in this New Year because God knows what is happening to us…to you, to our world. So I say let’s get ready for CHANGE in 2018 because God’s laws are being written in our hearts! Every time I watch this old Youtube clip (viewed by 16.5 million people) I get misty eyed…with hope for humanity. 

Note:   Charlie Chaplin, one of the most well-loved stars in the early days of Hollywood in the movie, The Great Dictator.  Charlie Chaplin died on Dec 25, 1977. It is time to act.

How does this lodge in your heart? 

May God really bless you with a meaningful New Year!

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–––––––––––––––– My Heart Thoughts to You –––––––––––––

And so, my brothers and my sisters, I recognize you by your fruit, by how you play the game. Your eyes meet mine directly with light and acceptance. You radiate love! I feel your spirit because it’s the same Spirit from the same vine. It runs through all those who have given their allegiance to God for we have accepted celestial Spirit into our minds and are already connected.
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The Celestial Proposal, Chapter 15, Welcome to the Kingdom, page 327. #The Celestial Proposal

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 NIV Bible