White policeman, Black protestor

There is so much violence in our world, so much hatred over the color of our skin, and the type of our religion. When is it enough? “Why doesn’t God come down and save us from the misery that billions of people are experiencing?”

This question was hurled at me during my “X” Zone Radio interview with Rob McConnell and here’s the answer I presented:

To fix the problem God has to fix us! We are the problem. The real problem comes from our insidious greed for power. Our arrogance surges up through the cracks of the geopolitical divisions of our planet. Violence always erupts at the pressure points. So yeah, we’ve asked God for help but then, we’re not listening to Him.

He’s offered to help a long time ago. He sent prophets and great messengers to all the different faiths. The celestial standards required to bring heaven onto earth are kindness, gentleness, respect, love toward your neighbor, care for the planet, honor to God. An alliance, from a celestial kingdom and government, has already been presented to us to create peace and harmony for all humanity.

The government of God is real, it’s there, standing at our threshold.

“But nobody’s going to tell us what to do”, we say with belligerence.  We’re like spiritual toddlers petulantly pushing God’s instructions aside and saying, “No, I want to do it myself.” Like teenagers, we think we have all the answers. We act like spoiled children in the western world, and bullies on the playground of our planet. In our immaturity, we think we can create a paradise for ourselves without the responsibility of being citizens in the great cosmos designed for us.

We choose for ourselves what’s right and wrong. Or worse, we decide there is no right and wrong. Well, that isn’t working…

So yes, God is waiting for us to accept his plan. I guess He could turn us into robots who can’t disobey the laws programmed into them, or He could let us kill ourselves off and let the animals roam free. But no, God loves us; He just hates how we act. He’s waiting for us to accept the alliance he proposed and to play the Game of Life on our planet by his rules.

He’s waiting for us to take his advice, download his laws, and learn HOW to love each other.Black girl asking if her son is next

After all, He designed us all to be gods on Earth– and that’s what we can be…

IF we will just hurry up and spiritually GROW UP!


We need to download and update a new operating system. That’s my thinking. What are your thoughts? Where do you stand?

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And this is straight from the big black book:
"Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth...." (Luke 11:2, KJV Bible)
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