When I was young I hated the government in the US. It sent boys over to Vietnam to die like little toy, green plastic soldiers. Then it moved on to Afganistan. Then to Syria and now to Ukraine. War relentlessly continues and big corporations profit from war’s needed machinery.

In this 21st Century things will have to be different on our planet. We can’t afford to fight over ideology because humanity itself faces common enemies. Take Covid for example: The human population has endured the black plague, polio, tuberculosis, and chicken pox. The death toll for the Spanish flu in 1918 at the end of World War 1 was between 50-60 million world wide with Earth’s population around 1 Billion. However, all those passed and faded away.

But this time, the world’s nations united and confronted a common evil. This is hopeful to me. Because if nations work together, crucial world problems can be solved. It is the pandemics, climate change, world hunger, and nuclear war, that threaten the extinction of our human race. When the first nuclear bomb was dropped that extinction became possible.

Today with the internet and international travel, people are finding friends and sharing thoughts with each other from around the world. I talk to people who think beyond the politics of their countries. They’re concerned for each other no matter what nationality or culture. I notice clips on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, blogs and podcasts recognizing the hypocrisy of exclusive traditional religions, and developing a respect for all forms of Spirituality.

I pass on uplifting memes, and posts, and try to play my part to help people spiritually evolve into godly maturity. Jesus Christ came and went, BUT…Jesus sent back Spirit to guide us. The word’s of God’s spirit talk through our conscience.

Is it any wonder then that today most people don’t want to become more religious but everyone want to be more spiritual? That thrills me,

I call it out! My God is big enough! I choose to see the world in transition.

What do you think? Do you see the signs through the fog?

So tell me, was your Easter “happy” or meaningful???

Hugs to all of you,

Jane Catherine

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