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How do you talk to God in today’s world?

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Ornate gold-gilded cathedrals spiral upward from cobblestone streets in the old cities we find ourselves in. Why do we stumble in over the thresholds to gaze at the decadence of religion?

Lisbon Cathedral

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This awesome presentation shows how the original Chinese written characters were formed to capture the historical events in the Genesis tale of creation. Every character tells a fascinating story.These most ancient characters document the history of God’s interventions on our planet!

(Pastor Kong Hee, from City Harvest Church in Singapore, starts writing them on the chalk board at the eleven minute mark into the video)….

This guy is amazing. He gets right to the depth of things and expresses it perfectly. I too hate the hype of religion but I love the depth! I’ve gone to many churches and sometimes you can feel the presence of an awesome invisible connection that makes you want to raise your head and just bathe in it. Tears tickle the corner of my eyes and my frown turns upside down. Unfortunately, sometimes it can also be kind of like a dry desert and you never get to the oasis.

But, that same presence of Spirit resides in any natural thing of beauty if we stop long enough to let it soak in…The sky for an example: in sunset mode, in wakeup morning glory, in lazy dappled clouds, in star studded quietness – what a church canopy we all have over us!

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