P1050804THE CELESTIAL PROPOSAL was published and released on Amazon in November. The book launch on December 17th has come and gone!

I remember last fall, the closer I got to the final editing of my book, the more nervous I became in actually publishing it. Who was I to write a controversial non-fiction exposé on ancient celestial principles? I had no PhD behind my name! I couldn’t see myself standing up and speaking eloquently about all the cool things I had written about. Or could I?

Well, the second half of my book is about activating faith by a strong spiritual mindset. So of course I could! With an element of suspense and thoughtful musings, I described my book with passion and dramatic flair. What fun it was to actually share it aloud with others! It was sweet to the soul and some of my dear friends are now my fans, saying  “To think that when we first met, you were always so quiet!” Now they know there had always been some really deep thoughts inside this blond head of mine. And guess what? I found out I can be a serious published author and still just be me! I don’t have to change myself into something I’m not. But I get to share something stupendous, concepts that have already changed me!

I look forward to other public readings and marketing events in the next months. So thanks for all the encouragement that has been given. It almost makes me want to start the next book!

Jane Catherine Rozek

Check it out!  It’s on Amazon