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We all agree that Jesus Christ lived and died. Yet some can’t decide whether he rose up resurrected from the grave or not. BUT have you read his will? Continue reading

Keaton Inukshuk

Higher Power is only discovered when it is absolutely necessary. Well, out in the middle of the isolated Canadian wilderness, a hundred miles from the nearest town, I discovered the source of this power. I wasn’t afraid anymore! Not quite traditional Christian doctrine, but the pieces all fit together and answered my questions. My faith became an active powerful force!

From Kirkus Reviews: "Familiar concepts, sure, but Rozek’s unconventional perspective makes them seem invigoratingly new." 

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A passionate rereading of Christianity and the nature of personal faith.

Canadian author Rozek’s debut takes the form of an enthusiastic top-to-bottom re-envisioning of the Christian mythos. ….she goes back to the Bible with fresh eyes and reads it anew in search of the answers to basic questions such as “Why am I here?” or “What’s the purpose of life anyway?”

Rozek’s conceptual revamping of traditional biblical ideas ultimately appeals to the well-known Christian narrative: Jesus died as a sacrifice and as a living key to redemption. “By accepting the death of this Great One as a ransom for our freedom,” Rozek writes, “each of us can belong to something far greater than ourselves.” The book then broadens from this dramatized 21st-century recasting of the Messiah story to include some intriguingly wider suggestions for how the faithful of any denomination can find meaning: “The Great Ones know that in order for us to have abundant lives, we must first learn how to love.”

Familiar concepts, sure, but Rozek’s unconventional perspective makes them seem invigoratingly new. A well-written and welcoming take on the traditional tenets of Western religion.


Review OnlineFeb. 6th, 2014

THE CELESTIAL PROPOSAL, Chapter 12, "God's Spirit in our World"

We all agree that Jesus Christ lived and died. But some can’t decide whether he rose up resurrected from the grave or not. Have you read his will? Continue reading

child and chimp handsChristianity says we’re made in the image and likeness of God. Yet our DNA is more than 95 percent the same as Chimpanzees! When I watch the human like behaviour of these close relatives of ours it is uncanny. Are we just animals in advanced evolution, or has Chimp DNA been altered by a Higher Intelligence to create us? Three distinct differences seem to stand out, perhaps by intentional design…. Continue reading


I have been to the remote shores of Haida Gwaii, what used to be known as Queen Charlotte Islands. So, I was interested in the newspaper article a while ago about a local beachcomber, Peter Mark, who made a spectacular find. He discovered what might be the first piece of debris from the Japanese tsunami to have arrived in Canada. 

He came across a large white cube, like the back part of a moving truck, just below the high tide mark.

“The door was ripped off…” he said. “So I went closer and looked inside and saw a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.” The motorcycle’s license plate showed registration in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan and the wall of the trailer had Japanese print on the tags. Mark also found a few golf clubs, tools, and camping equipment in the container.

It defies all logic,” Mark said. And so it does. To find a motorcycle still intact after surviving a tsunami, on a beach 5,000 kilometres away was incredibly sobering.

Miyagi Prefecture was the worst hit part of Japan, with more than 11,000 people dead and missing. The Kuroshio Ocean current runs in an almost direct path from Japan’s east coast over to North America, passing right by the islands of Haida Gwaii.

If a modern cube van can stay afloat through a tsunami and stormy seas for a year, why is it difficult to believe that a larger ark containing precious human life and animal kinds could survive a cataclysmic Great Flood?

“For forty days the flood kept coming on the earth, and as the waters increased they lifted the ark high above the earth.” (Genesis 7:17 NIV)

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