October 3, 2022 - Purity Found is launched on Amazon! Book 2 in the Spirit Quest Series is a stand-alone novel of romance and adventure.

“I felt a longing to escape into the pristine and innocent wilderness. The setting is a real and visceral thing, so powerful it pulls us in because we love being there. Exceptionally well done!”

Innocence Derailed wins Literary Titan 5-Stars Gold Seal


Innocence Derailed wins 5-Star Readerviews award!

June 11th, 2022  - Innocence Derailed is launched on Amazon. The first novel in the series!

“This emotional page-turner explores the hurt and wonder of first love and the raw and real experiences of becoming a woman!




The Spirit Quest Series is born!
March 2022 Final editing on Innocence Derailed, my first novel in the series!


If you feel helpless and lost right now, I’m so excited to share my recent interview with Don MacCauley on the Author Show!

You and me – let’s sit and visit together! I’ll be talking about God’s plan for us on our planet and how the book answers the hard questions (click, and it will load up for you)!

"What are we here for? Why is there so much wrong in the world?" 

The book gives you those answers and teach you how to build a belief system powerful enough to change your reality.

The Celestial Proposal takes you deep into your spirituality, syncs it to 21st-century cutting-edge science, and backs it with the original basic beliefs in Christianity.

It’s a how-to handbook for your future!


✮Peach City Radio! 

Aggie Stevens hosts a show called Aggie’s Authors, highlighting local authors, and Lester Patrick and I were recently interviewed! (Click, and it will load up for you)

I talk about my upcoming fiction series and read a dynamic excerpt from my non-fiction book, THE CELESTIAL PROPOSAL: Our Invitation to Join the God Kind

My new spiritual-visionary, upmarket fiction book is complete! It takes an author many phases of editing to perfect it for submission to agents and editors. Now, at the last stage, the manuscript has been sent out to beta readers, friends, and professionals for final advice.

Based on some riveting events in my younger life, it’s a fast-paced coming-of-age story set against the background of hippie days and the Vietnam War. But best of all, it is the first book in a series. I’ll keep you updated. Watch for a cover design contest coming up!

October 2018 The 2018 Word Guild fall workshop 

As Chairperson of my writers’ club, the Word Guild-Okanagan chapter, for two years 2017-2019, I spearheaded and facilitated a full-day conference hosting Presenter/Author Michelle Barker and Best Selling author and Presenter Jonas Saul. It succeeded in getting rave reviews for valuable content and sheer enjoyment!


November 2017 John W. Bilsland Literary Awards

NEWS UPDATE! My short story was chosen and shortlisted for the 2017 John W. Bilsland Literary Awards!



I just got nominated for the Liebster Award! Thank you for nominating my Heart Thoughts blog! Click to read 11 random facts about me!

July 2017 The Liebster Award


June 2017 Appointed Chairperson of The Word Guild - Central Okanagan 

Organized and facilitated The Word Guild fall workshop hosting author Michelle Barker as a presenter.


April 2017 Okanagan Writers Festival 

I love this conference! You can meet such interesting people; wonderful, aspiring, and seasoned authors. I’d recommend this conference to any local writers.

Writer’s Digest Review December 2/ 2016 

Well structured and well organized, this is a challenging new look at faith through fresh eyes. The author (writes), “I suggest that you sit in a pitch-black auditorium or other very large room, and then light a single candle and see what happens. You will find that no matter how vast the darkness may be, light always overcomes it.” Review by Writer’s Digest Review

Braden w mybook

Gregg Braden owns this book! One of my favorite thought leaders!

Spring 2014 Sparkling Hills Resort, Kelowna, BC



KAHI Radio  interview with host Mary Jane Popp   –  August 28/2014

Darkness Radio interview with Dave Schrader   –   April 7/2014

“X”Zone Radio interview with Rob McConnell  –  April 29/2014 


Kirkus Reviews gives a glowing review!   January 17/2014

(Read in full HERE)

“A passionate rereading of Christianity and the nature of personal faith…Familiar concepts, sure, but Rozek’s unconventional perspective makes them seem invigoratingly new. A well-written and welcoming take on the traditional tenets of Western religion.”

–Kirkus Reviews

ForeWord Reviews: Featured in the December issue!  December 1/2013

(Read in full HERE)

“This mash-up of Bible + sci-fi + metaphysics has introduced new lines of thought for meditation and consideration.

Identifying faith as a force for shifting manifest reality, Jane Catherine Rozek untethers Bible verses from their historic, traditional moorings. Calling the Bible an empowering formula for activating faith as a power source, she reboots scripture to read like a science fiction thriller with God as an extraterrestrial collective of Great Ones and Jesus as our Superhero.”

–ForeWord Reviews