Spirit Quest Series, Book 2


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Kate goes north in ’73. She immigrates from the US to the province of BC in western Canada and is time-warped into the bittersweet challenges of a backwoods community. There in the harsh, wild alpine forests and meadows, she’s tested to her utmost limits and searches for purpose and a source of a higher power. When she encounters Dave, a stern mountain man, his striking face is the same one she saw in a vision. A unique kind of romance starts to blossom, but it will require all the faith she has to travel her destined and turbulent path…. 5-Star Reviews “This suspense-ridden novel creates a physical response from the reader that’s joy-filled, melancholy, and poignant all at the same time.” “I felt a longing to escape into the pristine and innocent wilderness. The setting is a real and visceral thing, so powerful it pulls us in because we love being there. Exceptionally well done!” “Themes in this book opened a whole new world to me, showing the contrast between country and urban life. People are longing for an escape, and with this book, the author calls to them.” ‘She was city-free and fierce.’