My husband Sean has been to a hundred and ten countries in his life, and I’ve been to fifty-five so far! And we’ve found ways to travel inexpensively! Here are links to seven ways to whittle down the costs for a fabulous vacation. 

From our decades of experience, here’s how to fly FREE to a dream destination, sometimes even with free accommodations. And we can show you how to sail away on a cruise ship for 85% off. If you’re flexible with travel dates, then the world is your oyster! 

1. Get a Travel Points credit card and don’t ever use cash. We pay for your groceries, gas, utilities, every little ice cream cone and cup of coffee we buy, with an Aeroplan credit card. Each year we accumulate enough points to travel FREE in Canada or the US.

Some of these cards even have annual discounted companion fares! You may have to qualify financially and pay an annual fee each year to have the card – but if you want to travel, it’s worth it. Accumulating enough points for a far-off destination may take a year or two, but you’re spending the same amount of money on your purchases anyway!

Here’s a comparison chart for the different travel point cards in the US: 

For north of the border, here is the webpage for Air Canada’s Aeroplan Visa: 

After a swim in the mud pools of Iceland!

2. Are you flexible with dates and destinations? Then check out “last-minute-seat-sales!” They have to fill up the plane, right? They might be red-eye flights, but these bargain tickets will get you there for an unbelievable low cost. The companies consolidate them in a listing from all known airlines, so you might want to have your bags packed and ready! 

Here is some we’ve used and yes, the last one is legit:

3. Want FREE accommodations when you get there? Yes, free…especially if you like dogs, or cats and don’t mind house sitting someone else’s place! Or if you have a home the least bit worthy of exchanging, then trade on it to stay at another house similar to yours. Your home doesn’t have to be fancy for an exchange, and you don’t even have to travel on the same dates! 



Camping on the shores of Shuswap Lake

4. Maybe you want a really inexpensive accommodation? Consider camping in beautiful parks all over North America. Tents are cheap! Rent a van, borrow a camper! Younger people have refined the art of “car camping”! If you’re adventurous or traveling alone, check out hostels where you sleep in a dorm room. Although these are generally for younger people, older travelers are welcome and it’s a great place to meet others. One of our retired friends has arthritis, but he still managed to hike the El Camino in Spain, meet new friends while staying at hostels. This winter he plans to tour Brazil and Chile the same way! 

Here’s a sample site: 

AirBNB Condo in Panama City

Don’t forget Bed & Breakfast stays wherever you roam. You can rent homes and condos for a family or a group of friends. Or a single bedroom with friendly hosts who know the area well! We often use Airbnb: 

Try B&Bs on too. 

When you get there, the local buses are inexpensive and you can taste the culture you’re in. Travel light. Have backpack, will travel! 

An afternoon off the ship!

5. Oh, so you’re dreaming of a big, maybe 4-14 days on a cruise ship somewhere on a shimmering blue sea? Well, now that you’ve figured out how to fly off somewhere, get a flight to a port city destination and book a last-minute cruise. Again, they have to fill up the ship, right? And consider the cost of all your meals will be included! 

Here are samples for Mexican Riveria cruise last year: 

A seven night was $1097 but now 74% off and only $282 (71$/night) 

Another seven-night cruise was $2509 but now 87% off and only $319 (46$/night) 

Riding a camel in Oman…What a thirst!

Yes! But book it quickly because these things go fast. Or choose your port of departure and then check out the listings for your dream destination on this well-known site:

6. Are you a single traveler? To really save money, get a travel buddy.

Two people sharing a room means that room is half price for you! You can request two single beds and share the bathroom in any hotel or cruise ship. But first decide just how much privacy you need and find out if your friend snores!

There are even opportunities for single cruises and vacation packages. Check out Vacations to Go/single cruises here: 

7. Last of all, and you know this is only common sense; cut back on the stupid stuff you buy. The stuff you don’t need, the sweets, the booze, the Starbucks, dinners out; all these little purchases add up. You know what I’m talking about! Transfer that same amount each week into a special savings account and watch it grow. And maybe your waistline will shrink too, getting you ready for the vacation of your dreams! 

While you wait for your perfect timing, do some armchair travelling. Have fun researching the possibilities for 2023-2024. Remember, executing these exciting plans will make great memories and those memories last forever! That might be the best bargain of all. 

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