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I once lived off-the-grid in a 10 x 12ft log cabin in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. People find that hard to believe. They say I don’t look the type. My mother visited us, one of the last homesteads in BC, and once said, “but dear, you’re so poor.” I didn’t think I was poor until she labeled me that way…

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♥ So you want someone to love you this Valentines day? Ahhhh….that’s kind of sweet but do you know? Billions of people on the planet want someone to love them everyday.

It’s not that we need to find love, we need to LEARN HOW TO LOVE. Continue reading

I read excellent posts by other faith-filled authors and here’s a powerful one by Robert Chamberlain, shared on another blog I read too. Robert says,

“I’ve been inspired by whitneyibeblog.wordpress.com to consider Bible men and their emotions, to try and encourage myself and my fellow men to get in touch with our emotional sides. So here…”

Source: Emotional Bible Men | Watching Daily At Wisdom’s Gates


I’m sharing this with all the men I know!

Are men supposed to cry? Yes! And get soppy with love, and have fear, and sing for joy! CLICK TO TWEET


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Searching for happiness is like chasing rainbows! You end up searching all over and you never find the start of it. How can you make yourself happy?

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What does this guy have that most of us don’t?

He’s not privileged, he’s not wealthy, and he doesn’t even do great things. Why then does this video clip melt our hearts? Continue reading

I’m right in the middle of an eco-resort on a fun-filled Caribbean holiday, and I was still missing something. I needed to connect with God. My girlfriend and I discovered a perfect place to do just that!  Continue reading

We all agree that Jesus Christ lived and died. Yet some can’t decide whether he rose up resurrected from the grave or not. BUT have you read his will? Continue reading

man happinessI’m making a decision to be happy. “What?” You ask. “How can you just decide to be happy? Don’t you have things that bother you? Don’t you want to change things? Aren’t there people in your life that drive you crazy?” Continue reading

santa_kneeling_lg-256x300How can we carry the merry beyond our Merry Christmas Day? Continue reading

Searching for happiness is like chasing rainbows! You end up running all over and never connecting. How does one find happiness or make it happen?


(Chapter 15 image/The Celestial Proposal/rolffimages, Fotosearch, Stock Photography)

“Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue. One must have a reason to be happy.”

Viktor Emil Frankl, in Mans Search For Meaning, instructs us with this wisdom. He says happiness is like laughter. If you want somebody to laugh, you have to provide a reason to laugh – in a joke or a shared funny experience. You can’t tell someone to laugh and expect it to be real. You can’t tell someone to be happy and expect it to happen. There must be a reason. Happiness is a by-product, a result of something else. To gain real happiness we have to set and pursue some other objective.

It is good then to dream a dream, have a vision, or set a goal because the nearer we come to fulfillment the happier we become. For a quick short cut to happiness, we can always think of even the little things we’ve achieved along the way. Gratitude is an exercise in happiness.

I am so happy right now! I’ve been pursuing a goal for a very long, long time. My own search for life’s answers has driven me for decades to write a book. Now it’s complete (with pictures!) and near to being published. My heart is singing! In August on Amazon and Kindle, please watch for:

The Celestial Proposal – Our Invitation to Join the God Kind

Now my goal is to share this book with you, to make you (and me) happier! I’ll be posting short components here along with other insights. I urge you all to dare to dream and have fun along the way!

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