This was a visitor to our campsite one morning. In fact, we quietly watched one young buck attempt to climb up on the doe for some not-so-private pleasure. However, out of Canadian decorum, that photo won’t be posted here!

I understand why people jog along the streets or run on city trails. It’s a healthy way to escape from our troubles. In the natural wilds, that’s what all creatures do. To watch a deer, gazelle, or antelope, bound over obstacles to reach higher ground uplifts my spirit.

In our climb to breathe freely of fresh air and freedom, I believe we can draw upon a metaphysical strength and simply leap over things in our way. At the top, in the quiet of pristine tranquility, we are grounded to what is really, important. I’m just wondering how other people connect with Spirit through the natural elements of our planet.

“The Lord God is my strength. He will set my feet like the deer. He will let me walk upon the heights.”Habakkuk 3:19 (NIV 1984)