“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” How do you get a book published? The same way! Launch date is December 1st, 2013

THE CELESTIAL PROPOSAL: Our Invitation to Join the God Kind can now be pre-ordered from Amazon.com    Click here!

Chapter 7 image/The Celestial Proposal

Chapter 7 image ~ Levels in the Life Game

Would you believe I started the first drafted chapters decades ago on a typewriter in a log cabin in the evenings by lamplight. I know, I’m not THAT old, but I was just a crazy back-to-the-land hippy gal with a need for some metaphysical God-power in her life back then. I still need that metaphysical God-power in my life and I bet you could use some too!

It’s funny how we know certain beautiful things to be true and then we drift away until we lose the path we were on. Then we even forget where we’re supposed to be going. What we need is a roadmap or better yet, a treasure map so our journey ends in a grand destination worthy of our efforts. I believe there is a great celestial proposal for each of our lives with our own personal rainbow at the end.

How do you find enlightenment? How do you “get to heaven”? How do you create a paradise? One bite at a time, one step at a time…climbing upward.