If religion is a turn off for you, here’s a new perspective!

Cosmos overlooking Earth

Believers know that God comes from heaven. We pray the “Our Father, who art in heaven” prayer. All temples, churches, steeples in the world point to the heavens. Even enlightenment reaches upward. Earth does not seem to be the home of our God. Besides, who would want to worship a god from just our planet? ….

Contemporary common sense definitions seem to be pretty clear:

  • Terrestrial = earthly
  • Extraterrestrial = otherworldly, celestial, off earth, interplanetary
  • God = a supernatural being, a deity, an immortal being, a spirit being
  • Heavens = outer space, universes, cosmos

So if we believe in an immortal supernatural spirit being not from our world…of course, God is extraterrestrial! Does that mean we’ve already been visited by extraterrestrials? Well, something huge landed on Mt. Sinai when ten celestial moral-laws were given to humanity. Visits by angels have been recorded since the beginning of ancient history, carved in caves and hieroglyphics. Then along comes this Jesus guy, whose name means “God saves,” and who claims his father is the highest “immortal supernatural spirit being not from our world.”

Angel & Mary


Jesus’s friends call him the Son of God, but he called himself the Son of Man. He said he was sent as an ambassador from another world. His mother claims she was overtaken by an angel and artificially impregnated. (see Chapter 4 – “The Fusion of Human and God-being,” from The Celestial Proposal) What does that make him? Half extraterrestrial, if we use our twenty-first century space age terminology! Christ, is not his last name. Christ means, “The one anointed with metaphysical powers.” He healed leprosy, blindness, and raised people from the dead. He wasn’t just human. He left the world and returned to his Father in the cosmos. Then he sent back something called a Spirit of truth to guide us to him. Of course, God is extraterrestrial! Oh yes, before he left he also told us how to make personal extraterrestrial contact with them by pleading:

“…your kingdom come,
 your will be done,
 on earth as it is in heaven.”  (Matthew 6:10 NIV)   
(This might actually not be a bad idea – the earth still needs to be saved….) see also