A friend and fan emails me and asks me what I think! My heart-felt thoughts are going to be vulnerably exposed to you in this post! She expects me to spout off some churchy doctrines on the subject but I’ll share what I really think even if it means using a few shocking terms for readers. She writes in saying:

“I keep thinking about your last post. It’s hard to know what is real, even leaders don’t know sometimes. It’s a Big Game. My opinion? We’re screwed. Leaders’ goal is to bring in the NWO, new world order. (But our gods) are actually aliens.  Yep…the same ones that came here & created us, have genetically been manipulating us for years. We were created as slaves n they don’t give a shit about what happens to us. Least we forget the flood…others say positive aliens are saving us. I don’t know what they are waiting for? What do you think?”

I think there are supportive and hostile extraterrestrial aliens out there who are thoroughly interested in our planet and have always been watching earth’s inhabitants. That doesn’t sound too biblical does it? But hey, they used to be called angels and demons! Outside of religion, that’s not socially acceptable anymore so OK, let’s use today’s terminology. Did you know more than 54% of Americans believe in intelligent aliens now?  77% believe in angels  and 68% think Satan is real and of course there are cross overs in these beliefs. So I agree, when you pull off the layers of interpretation, it get’s stranger and stranger. Yet maybe it just starts to make sense to some of us.
Yes, The Lost Book of Enki,  by Zacheria Sitchins’ and especially his series of books, The Earth Chronicles, are heavy reading, but by plowing through them you begin to see a whole other picture of our human spiritual evolution. I believe God, (the Father/Source and other gods who arrived on earth) engineered us, combining some of their DNA with DNA from chimpanzees, to make primitive humans. (See Nov 17th post) But that doesn’t make my Christian beliefs in God obsolete. It only makes it more plausible!
We can think of it this way. Suppose extraterrestrial god-beings did come to mine the resources on our beautiful planet. Hey, we might be doing the same thing in our space program soon. These god-like beings may have trained or altered our chimpanzee or gorilla distant cousins to work as slaves in the gold mines of Africa. But some of these “sons of God” said, “Let us make man in our own image and likeness,”  and they created the human species to be like them. These gods categorically and officially gave us ownership of our planet at this time saying – “let them have dominion…over all the earth.”(Genesis 1:26)
And then, we read about the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. There, a snake-type of god-being advised us to rebel against our God/Creator and decide for ourselves what was “good or evil”. At that point we choose to severe our bond and allegiance from one god to another! Then our species was no longer protected from hostile alien influence (satanic/demonic). Still today, a new testament passage says that Satan is the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient. Strange wording. Isn’t this significant? Satan does rule the airways – with an invisible influence of evil through the media, internet, TV, anything over the airwaves.
But even in the first millennia according to ancient texts, the whole “human experiment” went violently wrong and the gods aborted their Gaia project. According to Sitchin’s interpretations of the earliest hieroglyphics, a known catastrophic world flood was eminent. It resulted in the extermination of humanity from the face of the known world.
(002az) Good vs Evil
Except……….our God/Creator (and the angelic god-beings aligned with him), still were in favour of saving the human DNA for our earthly species. They realized humankind had unique value and character of its own. And so, one man was instructed to build an ark to survive the great flood along with his family. Hence, the story of Noah came to be.
Yes, I believe we still have an alien God with angelic forces behind him mentoring us to spiritual maturity. What are they waiting for, you ask? They are waiting for us! They wait – for us to throw off our oppressors and refuse to follow the inventions of evil: war, hate, terror, oppression over others. To throw off demonic influence. You talk about an underground, growing movement in all nations to stand against war, injustice, prejudice, – this greatly excites me too! I too, think we are at the brink of something stupendous! And that is to take back our world and rebuild it!
So the (God)s wait on humanity’s spiritual evolution. They want us to establish god-like standards of love, respect, integrity, justice, for all human beings regardless of diverse cultural/religious practices. To overcome evil with good. And more and more of us all over the world are doing it! Hey, how does that old hippy song go? “Let’s come together”! We can download a new kind of government, one that’s hardwired into our hearts, using celestial standards on the planet we own. Then we’ll be offered galactic citizenship with the gods!
Did you see my post on how we’re all instructed to pray it downward? The Earthling’s Prayer. A new rendition of the Lord’s prayer:
"Your kingdom come (their galactic government), your will be done (a will/covenant is a legal agreement), on earth as it is in heaven (a higher universal federation in space).
I think we need a bible translated into 21st Century space age terms! I love writing this way because it makes it more real to me. That’s my passion and maybe my part to play! Here is how the writer ends her email to me:

“So my dear friend, I know we have diverse viewpoints, but I totally agree with what you say:  If people STAND UP, refuse to fight, demand no more wars…….this must be mass awakening all over the world…..Love is the answer……  stand up!”

I’m so glad to hear feedback from other readers. Your radical beliefs don’t scare me! But even the more radical news sites have their own agendas too. Sometimes just to see how many “likes” they can get. Yet, we’re intelligent enough to know there isreal story behind every news story in the media. Oh yes! We won’t be bored talking about his stuff when I see you next time!  Lol

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Stars arising from book
"The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light...." 
2 Corinthians 4:4 NIV Bible

The Celestial Proposal: Our Invitation to Join the God Kind, Chapter Six, An Open Invitation, page 104.
"Sometimes the things we see do not constitute the truth, but only what our mental filtering system says can be true. Remember that Satan, the god of this world, is the master of hologram effects. He is capable of conjuring up a reality in our minds through negative messages that aren’t even real. Although he can’t create things himself, he has definitely perfected a way of polluting our perspectives with what is false."