Why are people so uncaring sometimes and others can shower us with kindness later? It’s because:  HOW WE ACT GETS REFLECTED BACK!

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If I could be as pure and serene as this wilderness mountain, my life would manifest this beautiful too! When we’re kind and caring that is what reflects back into our reality. But when were selfish and harsh that’s mirrored back at us too.

One way or another KARMA is going to get you!

So where did this word karma come from and is it really a universal law?

Sanskrit is one of humanity’s oldest languages, and it was first to define karma as:

deed, or an action that has consequences. 

And from ancient Sanskrit, the word was perpetuated into all great religions in some form! We refer to it as:

The law of cause and effect. ¹

The destiny that you earn through your actions and behavior. 2

Karma has the same thing to Hindu and Buddhist believers but they also link it to reincarnation.

But to most of us in the western world karma simply means getting back what you give!

And you guessed it! The principle of karma is also in our Bibles too:

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. 
Gallatin 6:7 NIV Bible

Who then can save us from the negative effects of our bad karma?

God sent Jesus Christ down from heaven for that purpose!  When we say Jesus saves – well, that’s what he saves us from  – He paid the price for our bad karma!

Jesus saves us from our bad karma!

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Here’s another way to look at this principle. I call it The Rule of Reciprocity:

"The golden rule of loving your neighbour as yourself has such incredible consequences that God upholds it through spiritual reciprocity. In other words for every positive or negative act we do, a corresponding reaction results: we reap what we sow.  Review the book 
The Celestial Proposal, Chapter 10, Standards of Celestial Morality, pg.203.

♥  from my heart to yours….

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2 http://www.yourdictionary.com/karma

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