www.envivopr.comI see Spirit invisibly moving over humanity, writing upon our hearts! But this fresh breeze is blowing outside of “religion”. We’re still searching ….

for God but now we are trying to find a new-age definition. That’s obvious when you see the common themes of high-rated movies in the last year or two. Here are three reviews of my favourites you might like.


Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean between Sweden and Greenland while flying back home to Canada, I finish watching the movie, I Origins. At the ending, tears fall off my cheeks and I’ve got a smile plastered on my face in the darkness of the plane. I ask myself, “If science could absolutely prove there is no God, could I accept that?” I think I could. Twenty-first century science, especially quantum physics is pretty fantastic!

But what happens if we experienced a spiritual event so profound that it proves to us that God exists. Could you accept that? Come on, I know you’ve had tastes of metaphysical encounters. There must have been some strange coincidences, and odd synchronicity in your own life! It happens to all of us. I loved this show and I think you will too.


Paradise on earth is what we think we want. But the way to achieve that, eludes us. If there’s a God why doesn’t God choose to stop violence and human cruelty? Couldn’t God have made our world one of peace and equality? Why didn’t He? Perhaps God gave us that choice to create instead….


How do you make sense of your life and all the things you’ve gone through? It’s hard to see the patterns when we are right in the middle of them. Yet all the pieces to the puzzle will one day be put into place. There is purpose to our sorrows and we’re all involved in the eternal story of good and evil…


I love movies with depth and messages that make you think. To me it’s so exciting to picture God “outside the box”. I hope you write in with your own suggestions so I can share them with everyone too!

From my heart to yours,


Fotosearch_k10149770Straight from the big black book: 
“I will give them a heart to know me, that I am the Lord. They will be my people, and I will be their God, for they will return to me with all their heart.”                      Jeremiah 24:7 NIV

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