whats-your-storyYou might not be an author but aren’t you writing out the story of your life just by living it? No one else decides what happens next! Every day is the page we write on and… we each have a book we write in. As the pages turn slowly, the paragraphs written on them make up the many chapters of our own unique Book of Life.

Maybe we’re steadfastly living out a moving epic of our values. Perhaps we fight for a cause or live for a daring expedition. Maybe we have a called out destiny, worthy of pursuit. But then again, some of us are only in the first few chapters and don’t even know where the plot is really headed yet!

thesis-paperBut with graying heads, we may have already finished one book in the series and are into the second or third, or even the seventh one already. Yet like in every best seller, each page can almost stand alone and we sit up and take notice of the exquisite details being written down. As days go by, we add words to the pages, chapters to the book, a book to the series, until the final culmination concludes the end of the book we’re living, and the pen is put down.

Somebody is always reading our book! By our own actions, the story unfolds. People notice. Small daily trials are either successfully overcome or the challenges tumble over onto the next page. They add up. They build up. A crisis is reached. A resolution is found right in the middle of the dark and stormy night. And so, the journey continues in all of us toward the maturity of our species.

P1010231Life can be so mundane. Sometimes we live in the ruts of a muddy road going nowhere. Yes, the trail up the steep mountain will make you sweat. The one along the edge of the cliff is scary. The job is repetitious and seems never-ending. Ah, but the struggle in the effort gives its own reward and makes the whole story worth telling.





Who wants to read a boring book? Nah! We want one with memorable characters pitted against the dark adversaries. We’d like vivid descriptions, decisive drama and action, with a touch of metaphysical energies swirling around. We want good to prevail and endurance to be rewarded. And it can all happen, IF we write the right paragraphs down each day in the pages of our book. Slowly, surely, we build the plot, fill out the strengths in the protagonist, overcome the obstacles, making the outcome to the whole story…one of glory.

All this happens because we write on the page of life each day. Let’s not forget to courageously live each hour for…we are the authors of our own destinies!


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What’s your story? Where are you at in it? Please send a comment below, even a short sentence or two, so I know I’m not writing alone!

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Fotosearch_k10149770Straight from the big black book: 
“And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.” Revelation 20:12 KJV

Excerpt from the author’s book:  The Celestial Proposal,– Our Invitation to Join the God Kind, Chapter 10, Standards of Celestial Morality, page 115.
“The Great Ones know that in order for us to have abundant lives, we must first learn how to love. It is imperative that we master this trait if we are to enjoy our life’s journey. To be grafted into their celestial species depends on it.”

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