Meet Lisa Nichols,  a dynamo of a teacher for the Law of Attraction. She activates faith to achieve goals by the power of her belief system. Now I want what she’s got! 

Some friends and I went to see this motivational speaker at the local community theatre. Lisa is “contagious and infectious” in her zeal, and in the outpouring of her heart. From her single parent humble beginnings to a multimillion dollar career today, she shares her joy of living with real gratitude. She embellishes wisdom with sweetness and soul bearing, belly-laughter.

In boldness she says to:

  • re-invent yourself

  • you are the author of your own biography 

  • become a better person and people will want to be around you like a magnet!

  • be the greater version of yourself

She has faced some serious obstacles in her own life but views them with thankfulness.

  • “Some of our greatest gifts come in sand paper,” she says emphatically.
  • “I am my own rescuer”
  • “Never ask for permission from friends or family, just give notice!” when we change.
  • “Play bigger than you ever played before,” when applying the Law of Attraction.

lisa-nichols-017I wish I could share all the quotes we scribbled down in the dark during her presentation. What was it about her that was so infectious? I think it was Spirit, the sacred kind. She was so full of Spirit…it spilled out of her and into everybody else.  She’s an outrageous, brave hearted woman, for sure.

What are your wildest dreams?” she asks. “Be willing to risk to get more out of life; stop being afraid. Have a no-matter-what mindset!”

Thanks Lisa, for sharing yourself with us.

No Matter What is a fitting title to her new book that you might want to check out. If you want to activate faith or the law of attraction you have to do it with a “no matter what” attitude!