muslims-praying-little-boyTo my Muslim neighbours, I want to let you know your zeal and passion to serve God is inspiring. You pray many more times a day than other believers. You try to live righteously. Because of your faith, you follow your religious laws faithfully – and that’s because the history of your people goes way back to Abraham, the Father of the Faithful. Did Abraham become the founder of your faith by following the laws? Abraham’s faith, his belief system, was tested many times even before he became circumcised. At one point he even thought he had to kill his only son as a sacrifice – to prove he trusted God. But he was shown a better way, a non-violent way. His belief in the loving nature of his deity made a wild ram appear from the thicket to be the sacrificial animal for the offering. God saved a child and Abraham was saved from killing his own son! You know that Abraham is not just respected for his actions. Abraham was given the title Father of the Faithful because of his faith in God! He believed God would somehow intervene before he had to get blood on his hands. His faith was in the metaphysical power to save the situation and make things right. Ishmael, his first son became the founder of Islam. His son Isaac became the founder of Christianity. Did you know this story of Abraham is recorded both in the Qur’an and in the Bible? Abraham holds an esteemed place in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam alike. Many later prophets came from his lineage! Christian.Muslim womenAnd when Abraham was buried, both Ishmael and Isaac came together to bury him in the family plot in Canaan, and his many other children also came to honor him. It’s time we do the same to honor our one true God, so we can all walk the Path of Abraham. Christianity has had it’s own dark centuries of the Crusades where in the name of God many nations where terrorized by religious warfare. It adds to our shame. Now the same thing seems to be happening through zealots in the Islam religion. Don’t make our mistake…. Why do humans think we have to “help God” by killing off the unbelievers? Simply because they don’t believe exactly as we do? God doesn’t need any help with anything! We need help to learn his ways. God is all about loving people and he has the power to change us. So I guess I’m writing this letter to Muslims eager for the cause. Please yes, show us how to fervently serve God in our lives. The western world desperately needs that. Please, convert the world to your Faith, but base it on your belief (faith) in an all-powerful merciful God. Allah the all-merciful. Inspire us to return to godly ethics and standards. Break through cultural barriers and convert us all to this – with kindness. That’s how you will change the world.

Muslim Verse
English translation for this Qur'an verse:  "And hold firmly to the rope of God all together and do not become divided." (The verse continues - "And remember the favor of God upon you - when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers..." (Quran 3:103)