God's hand designing Earth

An earth-like planet that could sustain life has just been discovered. What does this mean to us? Is there a possibility of intelligent life existing on Kepler452b? It’s the most significant of 12 recently discovered ‘habitable’ planets, says TechU4ria in an article entitled, 10 Amazing Facts about Kepler-452b (Earth 2.0)

Now some people equate this to mean the Bible is obsolete and the story of our creation by God can now be written off as only an ancient fable. I read another article in Huffington Post, entitled “Earth 2.0: Bad News for God” by Jeff Schweitzer, stating that this planet’s discovery surely exposes the God hoax. So, to Jeff and everyone who thinks that a discovery of intelligent alien life contradicts the belief in God I had to write this post!

Earth-2.0-Kepler-452b-featured-image-e1438548457723If you think there is no mention of alien life in the Bible, you are missing the most obvious thing in the book. God is not human, comes from heaven, and is all-powerful – by definition then, God is a superior alien life form!

When you read the Bible as an ancient book of history there is a main character that emerges. The bible is a book recording God’s powerful inventions in his relationship to the human race!

This is a new age! We need to look at things from a space age perspective. Take the idea of intelligent design. Just suppose God does exist, and then once said, “Let us make man in our image and likeness.” If that premise is true, then three points can actually define God:

1) God is plural in saying, “Let us create man in our image…” The Bible speaks of other beings supporting us, or even those working against us: hoards of angels, demons, and elders around the throne etc. The concept of the Holy Trinity even supports God being more than one entity.

2) They have higher creative powers than we humans have, because they created us to be like them.

3) If the Source of God is not from our world, they come from off our terrestrial earth or dare we say: extraterrestrial?

Now science has just discovered a new planet capable of our kind of life, KEPLER 452B. If there is one planet in a close universe, there are multitudes of them out there. If our planet has intelligent creatures, others do too. In other words, of course there are other worlds with intelligent life. God is infinitely intelligent and God is not from earth!

outer spaceWell now, faith and science has converged. The Bible too, has always documented this clearly. Isn’t it possible that the kingdom of heaven is one of these worlds inhabited and governed by God? After all, what is a kingdom? A kingdom is a realm under a specific government. Heaven has always meant the region above our sky; and in contemporary terms that’s outer space! It’s so logical yet people seem to be blind to this perspective!

These higher level other-worldly gods have created our human race as the most intelligent beings on our planet. The discovery that our DNA is only slightly different from apes and chimpanzees, supports a possible altered genome intervention by “intelligent design”. These gods have been intervening with humanity for eons of time, assisting with our spiritual evolution. Now at this point in our development, we have an amazing proposal set before us–that we might interface with them in a unique celestial alliance. Will we ever obtain that glorified cosmic citizenship and become the gods we were designed to be?

That’s what I think is so fantastic about the Bible. The end of the book says we can become the children of God and inherit the Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven! It outlines this very plan!

So…is our Space Program searching for intelligent life on other planets or are we really searching for the origin and home of our Creator? Hmmm.

*Feature image is from the YouTube video: Intelligent Design On Trial

Other images courtesy of NASA.

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Straight from the big black book:

Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one and calls forth each of them by name. Isaiah 40:26 NIV Bible
Check out Chapter 15, Welcome to the Kingdom, in the author's book:  The Celestial Proposal – Our Invitation to Join the God Kind