CH8 Activating Spirit

How do we activate our faith? You know, our faith in miraculous changes taking place to our physical reality. No, this post is not about our brand of religion, but the power in our belief system. Everybody has heard of the Law of Attraction. We call it manifesting, or co-creating. But I want to show you where the power of faith comes from so you can begin to make it work for you! Faith is NOT hope. Faith is a tangible thing. Faith is both ancient and in today’s leading science.

Here’s how the Bible defines faith:

CH11 Spiral of Words
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 KJV Bible

What IS this evidence of unseen things? This substance of what we hope for?

"That is an extraordinary description. In other words, authentic faith has to have an element of unexplainable certainty. It is like a quantum leap of understanding. I use the word quantum to describe the fundamental uniqueness in the activation of faith....This word describes the mechanism governing the behaviour of atoms. In today’s physics, the quantum theory states that the behaviour of an atom can be changed by a quantum of what can be described as the tiniest existence of expectation from a conscious thought. Our expectation is the catalyst that makes it happen."
The Celestial Proposal, Chapter 12, A Quantum Leap Belief System, pg.240. To read more: Order on

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So it sounds like to activate our faith for the outcome we want requires us to generate a “quantum” of observable expectation. That is not a lot. It’s the smallest sub-particle known to man. But this tiniest amount of focused energy is all that is necessary! Faith works on the binary system: it’s either on or off, it’s a yes or a no. Faith that’s powerful enough to alter reality has no doubt in it at all.

Now the only way I know how to stop doubt is when my faith lines up with God’s words. He’s the power source! Then our belief becomes the solid expectation even in something we can’t see yet.  This faith is the “substance” found in quantum physics and it determines our reality! If you google the basics on quantum theory, it is fascinating stuff! Here’s another quote from my book:

BookCoverImagejpeg333X500When this synapse connection to Spirit happens, there is recognition of a power greater than our own working in our lives. We ask with full confidence, and we’re certain that what we ask for will eventually happen. It’s like we know that we know what we know. But we don’t quite know how we know it. We just have the assurance and the conviction that what we have faith in will be. Each time we stretch our faith enough to make this leap, it becomes easier. Eventually our faith in the quantum leap principle becomes a powerful mindset. The Celestial Proposal, Chapter 12, A Quantum Leap Belief System, pg.240. To read more: Order on

It’s amazing when ancient definitions catch up to quantum theory in this way! Stretch your faith, my friend.