waterfall-problems-1-1024x640The stone walls stretched skyward high above and the floor felt like a solid drum. As I beat my chest, it echoed all around until the whole chamber reverberated with a resonating beat. What is going on here?

I became the sound and simply couldn’t get enough of it until my friends pulled me away to explore more of the mysteries of Angkor Wat. The chamber I stood in was but a small room in one of the largest temples in this Wodscf0381rld Unesco Site located in Cambodia. These Hindu temples were built for the “Mountain of the Gods” and this particular room had perfect acoustics for drumming the out vibrational sound for healing.
I’m fascinated by sounds. Years ago, I was often sick a with a painful bladder infection and being 100 miles from the nearest town, sometimes I had no medication to fix it. After two hours of listening full blast to my favourite spiritual music, my discomfort was gone and I felt wonderful! But how did that happen?

So here’s some research I did to fit the pieces together: Music is energy in motion. It’s pulsating vibrations. I’ve talked to friends and family of people who are deaf and regardless of their lack of hearing they go to music concerts because they can feel these vibrations even if they can’t hear them. Science has now demonstrated that sound wave frequencies can create patterns in the molecules of matter, [1] and can physically levitate droplets of liquid. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, who subjected water to all kinds of sounds, while freezing it to discover distinct intricate patterns. I have 52 cards of photos showing some really unique “snowflakes.” Positive affirmative sounds resulted in beautiful symmetric designs but discordant ugly sounds were frozen into chaotic misshapened forms. When you put that research together with the fact that our bodies consist of more than 60% water it makes sense that sound vibrations can enter and affect our physical cells also! So obviously pleasant sounds penetrate to the core of our beings, arranging molecules into corresponding patterns.

And why do I feel so good on a forest trail, with the sounds of nature all around me? The babbling stream, the wind in the leaves, the crash of the surf; it’s like a boost of mental clarity and vibrant energy. I discovered that it’s because nature resonates at a particular point on the scale! “These sounds consist of vibrational frequency, measured in levels of Hertz (Hz). All of these natural harmonics vibrate at 432 Hz, and it’s the natural frequency of the universe.”  [2]

What’s so unique about sounds vibrating at 432 Hz? Well, there’s  many documented healings that have taken place using that same frequency. And guess what? It’s the same frequency of ancient sacred musical instruments. The Tibetan singing bowls have long been used for such purposes. Another odd example is the didgeridoo from the Australian aboriginals. Dan, a friend of ours played his new CD of this kind of music and I was entranced with its hauntingly beautiful simplicity. Here’s a sample if you’ve never heard it played before:

The first famous composers of classical music used to play their instruments with the A note set at 432 Hz, but todays concert pitch is set at 440 Hz. I think the reason it was changed is significant. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister in 1939, dictated the 440Hz setting as the standard tuning pitch for concerts to cause a dissonance in the way people thought. This was despite a referendum signed by 23,000 French musicians from the Paris Conservatory who objected and were all for the preservation of the Note A remaining the setting of 432 Hz. Now there’s a movement to reinstate the frequency of today’s concert music back to earth’s natural vibrational tone. [3] Another infamous world leader understood the power music of music saying, “Give me control over he who shapes the music of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws.”And it makes one wonder what kind of background noise we are all tuned into without knowing it right now. Subliminally. By just setting a world standard of 432 Hz level for the tuning in of all kinds of music think what benefits might appear!

So can you really believe that the healing characteristics of sound and the exact tone of the universe, came about by chance? Can you deny the logical need for an Intelligent Designer to orchestrate sound as an integral part of our world? That’s why I see SOUND as the language God uses to communicate with us. To heal us. To make our hearts soar with gratitude for the sheer beauty of hearing it.

He talks to me through beautiful sounds in nature, and through pure resonating chords in good music. The next time you have to focus on learning something, put on some classical baroque music, because its specific nature has been proven to bolster your learning capacity. The ratio of 60 beats per minute activates the left and right sides of the brain maximizing our ability to retain information![4]

How powerful is sound? Well, some of us know that sound can shatter glass just by experiencing a noisy parade going by. In the Old Testament, the Israelites used the noise of trumpets for 7 days and shouts from all their soldiers to shatter the city walls of Jericho.[5] Now, do you think that this is just a religious myth or could there possibly be some scientific reasoning behind it?



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