Movies about God are going mainstream. But Hollywood has a God problem. How do you film pure consciousness without any physical form? What does God look like?

Michelangelo’s God, from the “Creation of Adam”

Sci-Fi movies creatively show us what aliens and angels might look like. We even have an image of how horrifying demons can appear. But for God, the Old Man in the Sky image doesn’t suit us anymore! This article in America The Jesuit Review gives me food for thought:

“Even our more adventurous aliens of the latest “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” movies still follow familiar, biological templates. Why, that’s a dog-like alien, who shoots a gun. Look, a lizard alien. The point is, we don’t want our aliens to be too alien. How would we recognize them? Let’s be truly radical and imagine an alien so evolved there was literally no biological substrate left.

Pure consciousness without any matter. Perhaps dwelling in one of those other universes that modern physics has been forced to postulate to explain the inconsistencies of our own science. Now there’s a radically “alien” alien. Yes, but we have only used our imagination, science fiction, to arrive at what Christianity calls an angel. It just sounds more reasonable when we picture pure intelligence as eventually evolving from matter.”

“Notice that these angelic aliens or alien angels are still quite beneath the concept of God. They are pure intelligences but they do not contain their own beginning. They have been produced, if you feel safer speaking in evolutionary terms, or, to use the old word, they have been ‘created.’”

“Now, what if there were a form of pure consciousness that had no material substrate? And also had no temporal beginning or end? And what if all matter came forth from this consciousness and is ultimately controlled by it? Now we have come to the meaning of God.”

A God-Consciousness, capable of creating the consistencies of the cosmos, lines up with Quantum Physics very well. Pure consciousness also fits in with how the Bible talks about God who created all and is in all. Celestial laws in the universe may very well come down to godly laws for us, designed for optimized joyful living.

...One God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. Ephesians 4:6

“One more conundrum: How would that consciousness, which we call God, interact with our human consciousness? We humans communicate our thoughts by means of the material world: sound, touch and sight. The faith teaches that God and the angels communicate without need of these, intuitively, instantly. So how is the gap closed between that form of consciousness and our own biological version?”

We talk with God by praying, but maybe we need to know how to listen. What is God’s language? In our new 21st Century, I think we are about to find out!

I love this YouTube video on the subject:



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