It seems obvious there will be no peace on our planet until all people agree on a set of universal moral laws. Our justice system in the western world is based on the Judeo-Christian code of ethics.

But what if you are Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, agnostic or atheist? Are there higher moral principles that we can all agree on outside of religious doctrine?

earth in hands

THE DO EXIST! Our God is big enough for all of us!

Have you used ‘Google Earth?‘ You can zoom down from above the planet and zero in on the exact location where you live. All with eagle eye precision.

The physical details of our homes appear with amazing clarity! And when you zoom back out that little spec of reality is a tiny bit of the town we live in, a small piece of the province in the the country we live in , and a continent of the planet.

Google Earth your home with this link! Your life touches those around you. Your yard runs into the neighbour’s yard. So your illegal actions, immoral actions, or racial/gender discrimination influences the people next door, which just might impact your neighbourhood. Those events may even make the news in your state or province. That action you choose to take could even change how your country interacts with other countries. No matter what morals we live by, we are part of the whole.

Surely God is grand enough to Google Earth too! When he zooms in on us, what does God see? He sees the diversity of genders, colours, cultures, and religions yet they all exist in one human race! Then God zooms down closer to see the exact moral fibre of each of our lives.

Ok I know. It’s so easy to defend our actions with a personal line of reasoning. “No one will know. It’s only one time. He’s got lots of money. Someone will do it if I don’t.”

Sure, we can do it. We might not get caught… or not. But is it right?

Zoom out to a higher perspective and ask yourself: “What would happen if everyone did it?”

For example, if I run a red light, what would happen if everyone ran red lights?
If I steal from others what would happen if everybody stole?
If I use violence to get what I want, what would happen if everybody used violence.

If I don't work, if I don't pay taxes, if I kill for revenge, what would my world look like if everybody did what I did?

Thus here is Global Moral Law #1:

If it’s wrong for everyone to do it, then it’s wrong for one of us to do it.

Certain acts are just going to be wrong, not because your cultural values say it’s wrong, not because a religious book says it’s wrong.

But because if everybody did it, it would make things horribly wrong for all humanity. That is a crime. That is wrong!

" must not do any of these detestable things, for all these things were done by the people who lived in the land before you, and the land became defiled." Leviticus 18:26-27 NIV Bible
"Repentance means we don’t want to do things our way anymore. We don’t want to decide for ourselves what is right or wrong because we don’t know what that is. We simply desire to know the truth as God sees it." The Celestial Proposal, Chapter 7, Levels in the Life Game, pg. 115. Review on

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* This is a repost from Sept 30, 2017 but still needs to be said today!
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