440px-Placard_against_human_extinction,_Extinction_Rebellion_(cropped)The most important endangered species on our planet is humanity.

We’ve evolved to that point that we’re currently capable of obliterating the whole human race. 

Earth may be just a spec in the universe among billions of planets in infinite solar systems, yet the energy emitted from one exploding nuclear warhead can be seen beyond our galaxy!

 If one button is pushed and another one pushed in retaliation, the world as we know it–will be gone. The big question is: would we survive World War Three? 

Covid 19. Another dark cloud hangs over us. If genetically altered viruses can send the world into a panic, the next one could also spiral out of control and kill the whole human species.

Today we have to think as a global community! And using this perspective we can define what actions are absolutely wrong for politicians, scientists, greedy corporations, and mad men with money.

Thus here is Global Moral Law #2:

Any human behaviour is wrong if it’s detrimental for the survival of the human race on our home planet!

Therefore any war is wrong, the increase of fossil fuels polluting our atmosphere is wrong, biological warfare is wrong, and contaminating the oceans is wrong.

The governments in the world who break Basic Laws for Human Survival must be policed and restrained by other nations on the globe. 

Our planet is too small for tyrants in the playground.

Why don’t we give Environmental Protection Agencies the same kind of tax money as the military? Our enemy today is ourselves…

The surface of our beautiful globe has been designed to support our species in ecological sustainability, BUT ONLY IF we maintain it wisely.  

After all, Earth is our home and we have no other!

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. 
Matthew 5:5 NIV Bible

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Hugs to all of you!

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