Innocence Derailed is being launched on Amazon this Saturday, June 11, 2022, with glowing early reviews! You can read them all on my new book page in the top menu. And it’s already on Amazon as a paperback and ebook, so I hope you check it out there too!

How does one find God? Or does he find us? Where’s the portal to an empowering Spirit that Jesus Christ promised us?

Maybe God is trying to connect with you in your everyday events and you don’t even realize it. Have you experienced odd synchronicities? Have you heard elusive words rising up from your conscience? Or seen weird significant signs that only pertain to you?

I wrote this book in response to people asking me how I ever came to write the spiritual depth of my narrative non-fiction book THE CELESTIAL PROPOSAL. It all began decades ago when I was a teenager, naive and hungry for love and living life to the fullest. It ended up as a coming-of-age romance but also a spiritual quest, all based on the true story of how mystical events changed my philosophy!

Here’s a preview for you:

"Fifteen-year-old Kate gives her virginity away in glorious romantic innocence. She maps out a perfect life for herself... until the rose-colored glasses have to come off and grown-up trials engulf her. After questioning everything she’s learned about God and love, Kate contemplates suicide on a foggy cliff one night but then chooses to ride the 1970 hippie currents of free love and rebellion instead. While the guys in her class are drafted into the violence of the Vietnam War, she too flees her country for grand adventures from Mexico to Canada. On this turbulent path of self-discovery, she’s pursued by mystical words that drop into her conscience. How can she decide what’s right or what’s wrong with her life? Should she trust the Spirit-words she hears in her head? When Kate faces her destiny, she must choose to settle down in her hometown or find the courage to follow Spirit where it leads." 

This emotional page-turner explores the hurt and wonder of first love and the raw and real experiences of becoming a woman. Historical/political perspectives mirror Kate’s inner rebellion in evocative, soul-searching honesty. Inspirational and heartbreaking, the novel shows how spiritual awakening can happen to anyone! And yes, it‘s based on my own story of redemption and transformation when I first learned the joy of connecting to God!

Just to get you in the mood, click this link to an old classic love song, the theme song of Chapter One. It will time-warp you back to simpler days of your youth! “The Look of Love” by Dusty Springfield”

Hugs to all of you,

Jane Catherine

With excitement to share it all with you,

Jane Catherine

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