My young brother-in-law came up from his home in California for my husband’s funeral. After picking him up at the airport, we drove through a small jack pine forest, and he asked, “How do you make those trees grow so tall and straight.”

A tourist from the flat wheat land in Alberta came to visit the beautiful province of BC. He drove through the gorgeous mountain peaks of Glacier National Park BC, and when we asked him if he liked the scenery, he said, “It was okay, but the mountains sure got in the way of the view.”

We are all like that.

Obtuse, blind to the obvious, taking for granted the very essence of the grandeur of God himself. If you want to see what God looks like, you must zoom down into his creation!

The smallest details in the patterns of the reality we take for granted… scream out God’s artistic and altruistic nature.

I urge you to get out in the solitude of nature this fall, and open your eyes to the magic of God’s presence!

So tell me, was your Easter “happy” or meaningful???

Hugs to all of you,

Jane Catherine

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