by Jane Catherine Rozek


Do you want to understand Bible passages that seem to say you can have what you ask for?  I do! There’s brilliant light around the corner but sometimes I’m still living in the shadows. There has got to be a way to engage and activate this creative power that God holds out to us. I’m going to push my preconceived notions aside in order to see the metaphysical aspect of the matter. Then I’ll prove it to myself as I project it into my life.

Readers sometimes email me with questions on this oh-so-important topic. I’d like to share my answers with you, but I hope to hear your responses too. Here’s one of the first ones sent in and probably everybody’s question! How can we get our prayers answered? How can we manifest what we want in life?

»Question #102

Dear J.C.,

…So, when I read a scripture like

If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you[1]

I’m wondering what ‘remain in you’ and ‘remain in me’ really mean. I’m trying to get the mechanics of it… which maybe isn’t the point, so many people speak of ‘faith’ but I like to know what I’m believing in. 🙂 lol.


Dear B. W.,

If we can grasp the mechanics of this key scripture we can make real changes in our lives. This verse boldly states that whatever we ask for, will be done for us. I’m like you and want some of that power! But how can we remain in Jesus Christ and his words remain in us so that we can be empowered to create what we want to happen?

OK, let’s break this down. Doesn’t it seem like there are two conditions here?

1) We have to remain in Jesus and

2) We have to let the words that Jesus spoke remain in us

1) Remaining in Jesus is stepping into the light of his loving you. It’s basking in his love for you. It’s taking on his persona of love and amplifying toward others, radiating it outward. It’s simplified to loving God with all your heart and mind, and loving your neighbour as yourself – the two Golden Rules of many spiritual belief systems. Remaining in Jesus is not a one time event like being baptized even, although that certainly can kick-start the process! But it’s a continual living in the light, an…”I can’t wait to see what God does with me next!” kind of attitude.[2]

2) The second part may be more difficult because you have to reprogram the operating system in your mind! That’s because the many negative things you say to yourself actually create those same negatives into your life and cause you to live in the shadow. Your own words limit you.

Jesus spoke God’s words and God can’t lie because what He says actually creates things into being. So what God says are specific promises that are more “true” than your own words. Here’s a starting point in how to reprogram the mind.

You Say...  God Says...

At you can plug in the verse and read it in full NIV text (or plug in any word you want to research)

That’s what it means to have God’s words remaining in you. And if they lodge tight enough within your heart, they will create very wonderful things happening in your life. You can co-create and manifest your own small miracles everyday simply by replacing our words with God’s words of empowerment. When you link into the source of power-filled words you can download them.

The trick is to find the promises that you need in black and white and try them out! Ask for what you lack and get ready for God to orchestrate events to change things in your life. Sometimes it’s not the way you would imagine at all, but watch for synchronicity to happen. For example, if you struggle with fear you can take God for his word and step out together.


Are you physically, mentally, or emotionally exhausted in your life? Do you think you lack the strength to continue? Breathe God in and lean on his strength. Reading the words and trusting in those words, acting on the words of promise, resting in those words, will give you access to the manifesting of those words. “God’s words are truth.”


You dear child, are so very close to having this power in your words. Don’t give up on it now. You know these things to be true in maybe other avenues of philosophy. But truths don’t change because of terminology or cultural understandings. Do you think you’re not smart enough and lack the education to accomplish what you want? Wisdom doesn’t come from education but comes from our connection to God!


If we all reprogram these kinds of beliefs into our hearts instead of the negative self talk we mumble everyday, we can co-create a fantastic world around us because our belief system will have been changed. Jesus wants us to overcome and be empowered. In his own words Jesus says: “Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.[3]


What does God say…about what you say to yourself?

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[1] John 15:7, NIV Bible

[2]Quote from author Rebekah Antkow

[3]John 16:24