I travelled across Mexico on a third class bus one Halloween. Why didn’t I take a faster, classier bus? Because all other mode of transportation was sold out! In Mexico everyone… celebrates Halloween the way it was meant to be. Family members traveling home to colorful street celebrations anticipating their family reunion parties in the graveyards honouring their departed! 

Halloween comes from All Hallows’ Eve, a sacred evening in honor of departed souls. And the southern country of Mexico does it with charm. Flowers and candles, dangling little skeletons hanging in windows and doorways, and fresh sweet loaves of bread called pan de muertos to share at family gatherings.

All the locals on that bus were excited to be going home for the holiday, but I was sitting squished beside a gnarled little granny lady and a grey-haired old man standing beside me in the crowded aisle. Then a one year old child was passed to me to hold in my lap from a tired young mother up the row. The girl’s eyelashes seemed an inch long when she blinked peering up at me.  

The bus rumbled on. The scene played out perfectly for me, the cycle of life and death on this Dia de los Muertos, celebrating the Day of the Dead, as I contemplated my life’s timeline.

I’ve always wanted to have a midnight picnic in the graveyard on Halloween one year. It makes so much more sense to honour those you have loved.



So, for all you old souls, my loved ones alive and dead, here’s hugs for you – for All Souls Day, on Halloween!”


 Death is the destiny of everyone; the living should take this to heart. Ecclesiastes 7:2 NIV

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