Airborne plane with propeller whirling

“One late afternoon while flying in a small prop plane in northern British Columbia, I was reminded how easy it is to look through the rotating propeller and view the fields and forest below in perfect clarity.

The speed of the propeller made the metal blades invisible to me, but they were very much a powerful reality.

I thought… “Is this a simple analogy for how other-dimensional entities might exist in our physical realm? Are there invisible realities whirling at higher levels of energy, engaged and active in our world yet unseen by humanity?”[1]

That’s the opening paragraph of the first chapter in my book. But the day I was on that plane, the angels seemed close to me up there flying through the sky. God himself, painted me a beautiful sunset just before we landed!

Whaaaat?!?! You say? Hey, maybe God is right beside me, in a ramped-up vibration level too high for me to see. Because sometimes I can feel him…and whoosh – his love downloads and overwhelms me with joy.  That’s not so crazy! Is it? Science has proven that all matter is composed of vibrating energy. And those physicists didn’t read it from the Bible like you and I can!

"...the universe was formed by God's command, so that what is seen is not made out of what is visible." Hebrews 11:3 NIV

Yeah! That profound experience did it for me. I just looked through those propellors… and believed.


[1] The Celestial Proposal: Our Invitation to Join the God Kind, Ch.1, A Bold New Perspective, pg 1.


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